Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's been a while since we last posted on our tireless war against The Dreaded Apluralstrophe!, but it's recently been spotting skulking around our Local Revamped Insane Asylum, appropriately enough, in graffiti form.

Instead of conveying a devastating affront to or a proud declaration of Nate's sexuality, the author's message is horrendously deafened by his flagrantly fallacious failure to implore a proper plural.

But no! What is this? A fierce and mutated form of The Dreaded Apluralstrophe!: The Abhorrent Conjugategivitis! That foul disease that rots the very mouth of communication! Taken literally, the sentence reads, "Nate: Love is dudes," which ricochets the insult/statement back into the face of the author!

The body has yet to be found, but even so, chalk up another victim to...The Dreaded Apluralstrophe!