at that point in time

Friday, December 19, 2008

We: Question for you:

Our Boss: Shoot.

We: Why do people say, "At that point in time"? That "in time" part seems a little...

Our Boss: Redundant, yeah.

We: But were we to say, "At that point," we'd think the word "point" referred to a geographical area, whereas when you qualify the phrase by saying, "in time," you make the distinction that the point is temporal, rather than geographical. But if the person saying it doesn't care about the distinction he's making, then why make it?

Our Boss: I don't like when people say that, either. It's the same kind of people who say "irregardless."

We: Yeah, but those people know it's wrong and yet they say it anyway. That and "ATM machine."

Our Boss: People say that out of spite?

We: Yeah--especially people who know better. I was at Citizen's Bank last Tuesday and the gal said, "Yeah, just check it out over to the ATM machine there." She said it like three times--like she was hoping to get called out!

Our Boss: Did you call her out?

We: No. I'm a pussy.