Everything Communicates

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

[At the local grocery; notices a familiar tune]

Checkout Woman: Ahh, you heard it.

We: Yeah--is that the Windows Theme?

CW: Yup. Up on the automatic checkout.

We: I didn't know these were Windows based.

CW: Oh yeah, that's why we always have to shut 'em down and reboot 'em when they misbehave.

We: Misbehave?

CW: Yeah. Sometimes we have to punish them, so we keep them shut off for longer to punish 'em. They don't like that.

We: Why not?

CW: Oh, they like to talk to each other, so when they're shut down they can't, and they don't like that.

We: What do they say when they talk to each other?

CW: They compare sales.

We: Huh. [takes bags and heads toward exit.]

CW: You be safe.