definition of jonesin'

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mikey: Aw, Sunday I was totally jonesin' for a hamburger, but I...

We: Wait, wait, wait--"jonesin'"? What is "jonesin'"?

Mikey: Seriously? You've never heard of "jonesin'"?

We: No, what does it mean?

Mikey: Uh, I'm not sure.

We: You don't know what it means?

Mikey: No, but everybody uses it.

We: Like who?

Mikey: Everybody.

We: Specifically.

Mikey: Dude, everybody uses it.

We: We don't use it. You don't use it properly...

Mikey: It's jonesin' [Looking it up at Urban Dictionary] "A word used to describe an intense craving for a drug. Comes from Great Jones Street in New York City, between Broadway and Lafayette Street, a former junkie hangout." See?

We: You just looked it up; you still didn't know what it meant when you used it.

Mikey: Now I'm jonesin' for you to get the jones out of here.