real exchanges with the Alltel Salesdude

Monday, January 12, 2009

SalesDude: Welcome to Ahlltel; I’m Derek.

Nat: Nat.

SD: Nahnt?

N: Yes.

SD: Cool, bro.



N: Uh, I’m looking for a new phone.

SD: Okay, what kind of phone are you looking for?

N: Well, that’s sort of why I’m here.

SD: Okay, well we got the Moto, and, uh, we got the Palm, and, uh, we got the Reznor, the ClaviCle, the Bohunk...

N: Well, I don’t really need any frills, just a regular cell phone.

SD: Okay, well the thing about these is that, I don’t really like the free phones because you’re not going to get as good reception with them as you would with, uh, like the Reznor, or like the Blue Gum or Gator Bait.

N: What’s the difference in reception?

SD: Uh, I really don’t know.

N: Like, would I be able to hear the person I’m talking with?

SD: I really don’t know. But like—where do you live?

N: In town.

SD: Okay, well, you shouldn’t have a problem. But like, say you lived in the rural—you’d have a lot better reception with these phones. And I know you said you don’t need any frills, but with these you can text ’n’ download stuff. This one has an external Cholo...

N: Just something I can use to call and receive calls clearly.

SD: What’s your job?

N: Uh, I’m an editor.

SD: Cool. Where?

N: [The Job Where I Work] over on [The Road By the Job Where I Work].

SD: Cool.



N: Yeah, so how is the reception with this one?

SD: The Goyisher Kopf? Well, if it’s reception you want, for the free ones, I’d go with the Gin Burglar instead.

N: That one’s reception is better?

SD: I really don’t know.

N [Getting frustrated; takes out his old phone]: Okay: Will any of these get as good reception as my old phone?

SD: Well, the Nokia was one of the greatest phones ever built.

N: Well how different would the Nokia be compared to this one?

SD: I really don’t know.