general thoughts on the super bowl ads

Thursday, February 5, 2009

That gal who received the flowers wasn't unattractive--at least she received flowers.

In the first five advertisements, there were three instances of broken glass--this trend of broken glass seemed constant throughout the evening, and it wasn't limited to one product, either--there was:

  • The Budweiser ad where the guy who suggests giving up free beer for board meetings.
  • The Audi ad where Jason Statham breaks a bunch of stuff w/ his car.
  • The Doritos ad where the guy shatters the vending machine.
The ads also seemed especially violent, whether it was violence to a tribute to Mean Joe Green, anyone drinking Pepsi, or biz-cas koala.

What is the significance of the Clydesdale?

"Did they just advertise porn?"

Apparently the Axis powers are reunited and working to eradicate the Hyundai.

"Did they just show a rhinoceros's anus?"

The only one whose product we could remember without looking up: MILLER HI-LIFE!