disney girls

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Disney's first black princess

Which inspired a discussion:

Sister: Yeah, Disney's marketing IS in full force! How many years did it take them to incorporate 'princessess' of different races & colours other than Caucasian?

Me: Well, Mulan was Asian; Pocahontas was Indian; Jasmine was Arab; Esmeralda was a gypsy; Ariel was half fish; that's pretty damn diverse.

Sister: That's what I meant, it took Disney quite a while to get those kiddies into film and that news reel made it sound like Disney was churning out movies with so many racially diverse characters.

Me: Well, how many years did it take them to make actual people the protagonists? They did it up a bit with Snow White and on and off through Cinderella, but then they relapsed into animals for about 30 years before they went back to people--even then they were reluctant to lose the animals altogether, so you got human/animal hybrids like the Little Mermaid and then humans and animals vying for the role of protagonist in Beauty and the Beast.