Friday, May 1, 2009

When you want to add emphasis, there are many ways to do so.

You can use italics, which add emphasis with elegance; you can use bold, which certainly stands out but is a bit of an eyesore; and you can use ALL CAPS, which makes you look like a troglodyte.*

Or you can be a real ass and use all three. Or use one, then halfway through your piece, use another--if you want to aggravate your editor, this works very well because we'll keep wondering if you had a legitimate reason for doing so.

The best thing to do is learn to write so you can get your point across without physically manipulating the font. Failing that, go with italics--but use them sparingly.

*(You can also underline or even use the "highlight" function, but if you're doing that, it's clear that some vicious parasite has crawled into your head and is gnawing on the parts of your brain that control sense and decency, so I suggest you consult a physician before writing any further. And stay away from those girls at the bus stop.)