liveblog, eastbound & down

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

6:11 pm: Eastbound & Down marathon

6:12 pm: Anyone else notice how every woman in this show has really big breasts? Check out the scene in ep. 2 when Kenny makes the guest appearance at Shaffer BMW.

6:30 pm: Props to this show for having each episode pick up exactly where the last one left off. A lot of shows wrap everything up in their half-hour and things go back to how they were, like someone hit the reset button, so you feel like nothing was really accomplished. Eb&D doesn't give itself that luxury--episodes end on some ridiculous/tense/awkward notes...and then the next episode deals with them.

6:32 pm: I wonder over what timespan Eb&D occurs--the Shaffer appearance, ecstasy, brick through the window, and dui is all one night!

6:51 pm: $1,000 for the Major League balls, Kenny? That seems really low.

6:52 pm: one thing this series should have done is work on the rapport with Kenny and April. You don't really see what their attraction to each other is or where it comes from or how their personalities click. That scene in Foot Fist where Fred and his wife are waiting for a table does just that and is one of the best in the movie.

7:14 pm: The key to this show is that they make Kenny a tragic character.

7:15 pm: or at least sympathetic

7:15 pm: Ep. 5 is my favorite, but it's ep. 3 that elevates it from comedy to art. The first two are funny, but 3 really fleshes out the characters--Kenny realizes that people don't see him like he sees himself and begins to show a bit of empathy, and yet, it's still funny.

7:33 pm: Oh, Wayne dancing is an establishing shot. That explains why it's there. And it's eerie/funny.

7:47 pm: the barbecue takes place in the fall--odd that the show's not in sync w/ the broadcast season

7:59: Every comedian wants to do tragedy. Shakespeare pulled it off. Woody Allen, too. Eb&D did it. Not on the same level, but did it

7:59 pm: And in one show.

8:09 pm: Anyone else notice the religious metaphors in this show?

Took a break to catch Family Guy

8:39 pm: Oh. Housing market; that's why it's not in real time.

8:42 pm: Will Ferrel: Props to producing this show. You get a pass. But you're out of place in this show.

8:59: Buildup: Favorite moment in the whole series--and then there's Clegg huffing paint.

9:07 pm: There's the reference to The Natural in ep. 5, but there's also the direct steal from Five Easy Pieces at the end of 6. Eb&D's been renewed, so can't wait to see where that's going to lead.